Matraex — Your “Yes We Can” Solution Partner

Today, more than ever, your clients are looking for the best solutions to their business technology needs — from their basic business website to custom designed programs and applications that put them squarely on the razor’s edge.

The question is, when they come asking, can you truthfully answer, “yeah, we can do that?”

Managing IT systems and developing websites and applications don’t often go hand-in-hand as they require very different technical skillsets. Nevertheless, when it comes to all-things-tech, you are the go-to source of information — the experts with all the info, whether it is “yes we can” or “no, but I know someone who can….” — your customers trust you as their all-knowing source!

That’s where Matraex comes in.

We are that “someone who can,” the trusted partner you’ve been looking for to expand your shop’s services to include the latest high-tech custom applications that will add to your superstar status in your clients’ eyes.

The Matraex Partnership Program

Matraex has been serving clients across the US since 2001, serving clients that include such well-known brands as Madison Square Garden, Hewlett Packard and the Better Business Bureau, as well as many smaller clients, each with unique application and programming needs.
Our partnership program enables businesses like yours to:

  • expand your service offerings
  • earn commissions 
  • participate fully in the project
  • and more!

If you are interested in receiving all of the benefits of becoming a Matraex partner, call or email us today for a free and confidential consultation. 


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