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Top 10 Qualities of the Perfect Matraex Partner

We want our Matraex partnership program to be a success for all involved, so we’ve created a Top 10 list of qualities we believe help our partners maximize its benefits.
Perfect Matraex Partners:

  1. Knows how to say Matraex  (May –  Tray – Ex)
  2. Enjoys adding new value to their current and future clients
  3. Know that “off the shelf” applications and websites are not always a good solution to client problems
  4. Understands the types of projects Matraex (and by extension you) can accomplish for your client
  5. Know the questions that most often lead to a custom website or application solution that Matraex can provide
  6. Is familiar with the Matraex Website and App Development process
  7. Understands the clients’ needs and budgets to appropriately identify project potential
  8. Actively seeks partner opportunities within their existing customer base as well as with potential and new clients
  9. Enjoy their clients’ delight when successful projects come on line
  10. Discusses new customers and explores potential client project opportunities with Matraex on a periodic schedule

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